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With sincere thanks to ourworldcup.co.uk (our award winning sister/brother site ), we have started a petition regarding Cup Final Tickets . “If you care about the distribution of Cup Final tickets to real fans and if you would like to see a fairer allocation and an open breakdown of exactly where the other ‘missing’ 40,000′ FA Cup Final tickets go, please join is with your support. If we can be told both clubs get 25,000 each , is it not fair to expect a little more detail on where the rest end up? We do not object to the sponsors and all the other clubs in the Football League who participate in the competition having ‘a few freebies’ , but if we are to repay other ‘grass roots’ sectors of the football community/family for their sterling efforts, why must it always be at the this particularly high profile match? Why not give them tickets fro the half empty FA Vase or FA Trophy or England friendlies?
We therefore politely demand changes next year and a fairer allocation. To make a difference , whoever you support , make your mark .” Crispin Thomas- Editor THE FOOTBAL POETS
Please sign this petition if you would like to protest to FA about many fans and followers not being able to get tickets other than through Ebay and touts. Crispin :- (

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Love it or loathe it , it’s that nail-biting time again of joy or tears in the stands .. the last weeks of the season. Your thoughts and words appear below. . Crispin

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