For Madeleine and her family

A victory please, but better still …

I’m a through and through true Blue
But I would willingly swap the trophy
Bedecked with winners ribbons of our own hue
In exchange for a tied yellow ribbon victory –
To see a young girl held aloft
In her Daddy’s arms
A triumph
For us all to share

For Madeleine McCann and her family

the agony of either Chelsea or Man Utd losing in today’s FA Cup final,
will be as nothing compared to her loss

Pictures of Madeleine

Pictures of Madeleine
In Everton blue
Memories of Holly and Jessica
In Manchester red

Our bitter rivalries
Now meaningless
As football unites
To support the McCanns

Hoping for the moment
That turns the game
The players give their all
Until the final whistle

© Mark Thomas

All season long
We searched for points
Won some, lost some
Played hard, fought hard
But always
There was a result

We search for Maddie
With hope in our hearts
But also despair, at the passing of each day
Let us all join and pray

For the right result

Let us join Cristiano Ronaldo, John Terry and Paolo Ferreira in sending our prayers to Madeleine’s family

Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/2007/05/19/for-madeleine-and-her-family/