In the past fortnight, we bid a sad farewell to two Football icons – not World renowned, but they’ve played their part to ensure that they’ll live on in local & National folklore.

Tributes to Ian Porterfield and Ollie Byrne below, plus tributes to Pavarotti, who will always be associated to the football fraternity via his famous rendition of Puccini’s Nessun Dorma, used by the BBC as their anthem for Italia ’90.

Ian Porterfield, R.I.P.

You shocked the mighty Leeds
With your FA Cup winner
You became a household name
We even talked of you over dinner

You’ll forever be remembered
Part of the folklore of ’73
And on Wearside they mourn you
That much is plain to see

But there’s appreciation elsewhere :
Fond memories down at the Bridge
Also in Armenia, Zambia, Trinidad & Tobago
World Cup Qualification – you took them to the ridge

© Clik the mouse, 11th September 2007
Ian Porterfield, died Tuesday 11th September, 2007, aged 61

BBC obituary :

Ollie Byrne, R.I.P.

Shelbourne 4 Limerick 37 0

In the night that was in it,
How else could it end?
The applause for a minute
Brought a lump to each throat.
Limerick 37
Just could not compete,
As we sent him to heaven
Upon a high note.

In the night that was in it,
Emotions ran high.
We needed to win it
And win it in style.
Our financial folly
Has made grown men cry,
But the mem’ries of Ollie
Make stony hearts smile.

In the night that was in it
Each shot found its mark.
The song of the linnet
Was never so sweet.
Poor Lim’rick were caught up
In events off the park,
As circumstance brought up
A crushing defeat.

© Peter Goulding 12th September 2007
In the week we buried Shels legendary supremo Ollie Byrne, Limerick never stood a chance

Italia ’90

That tenor could sing
and I know nothing Opera.
Top of the World Cup.

© John Cox 06 September 2007
I can’t remember any other World Cup songs.

Pavarotti, R.I.P.

Italia 90 :
It’ll long be remembered
For all the big moments …
Pearce’s penalty miss
Packie Bonner’s penalty save
O’Leary’s penalty conversion
Irish pubs’ submersion
Platt’s over the shoulder hook
Gazza’s lachrymonious lapse
Lineker’s concerned : “Boss ‘av a look”
The big scoring little man, Toto Schillaci
The Rijkaard – Voller spat
Roger Milla making love to the corner flags
Waddle’s mid tournament scalping
Plus all the ensuing gags
And of course
The big finish
From the Big Man …

Every time he reaches that crescendo …

Even when I hear it now
It sends shivers up my spine
Song & tournament – so sublime
And all too often it happens, that copycat moment …
Clik ‘has a Gazza’

That year Pavarotti won so many new non-Opera fans
With that rendition of Nessun Dorma –
What a performer!

© Clik the mouse, 07.09.2007
The heavenly choir now has another great performer.
Pavarotti died 06.09.2007.

From BBC Editorial :
In Puccini’s aria, probably the most celebrated moment is the climax, when the word “Vincero” (meaning “I will win”) is sung three times, with the third being the most dramatic – and this was where Pavarotti hit his most thrilling, highest note.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/2007/09/12/farewell/