Women’s World Cup : Girls United

The Women’s World Cup 2007 is taking place in China.

We’re looking forward to a great tournament and hope for success for Hope Powell’s troops.
BBC2 are covering the tournament – daily highlights (on late) plus England’s matches live :
next up :
Monday 17th September, 13:00 BST, England v Argentina

Also, a great promotion by the FA : Girls United – to help promote football at the junior girls level. Very ably covered in Crispin’s poem below.
More info here – the FA : Girls United

Contributions on the subject posted here at Football Poets, can be viewed by clicking on the poem names below.
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World Cup Final : Ni-how-ma World Cup Winnie

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Where There’s … Hope – kevin raymond
pink salmon haiku – World Cup Winnie
Three Lionesses Haiku – Crispin Thomas
Pandas in the Dug-out Haiku – Crispin Thomas
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Girls United For England – Crispin Thomas
Man to Man – World Cup Winnie


Girls United For England

Things we blokes didn’t know about women..and football

Football is the number one
female participation sport in England.*

The Active People survey in 2006
highlighted that 250,000 women
and 1.1 million girls
play some form of football.*

FA research has shown
that over 50% of girls
have never taken part in football
and at least 300,000 girls would like to do so. *

ok so it’s kicking off at last ..or is it..
and what can we do?
is chauvenism dead on the field and terraces?
how behind are we
isn’t it time to sit up and take note?
Kelly Holmes or Kelly Smith
both run their hearts out
but one with a ball

let’s backtrack ninety years..

when Englishmen went off to fight World War I in 1914
women were thrown into traditional male roles at home
at work and on the sports field

within 3 years the self-formed Dick Kerr Ladies
fronted by the mighty Lily Parr
were playing matches
to crowds of 50,000..honest!
they played abroad as well
enjoying successful trips
to France, Holland and North America
the team were in truth
the first blend of marketing and football
despite the insane objections of the tme
that paying football might be dangerous
in the birth process

and so women’s football was born
but where are we now?
busy being reborn
and in the Women’s World Cup
having got there for the first time
and facing no less
the old enemy – Germany
in Japan
and another fact…
England’s females
have never beaten Germany
losing 15 of their 16 meetings.
it’s time to get yer flags out for the girls
and don’t they look cool too..

so can I be wrong or sexist
to cast an eye
across to overpaid men
and their so often tact-ruled play
and say.. yes
sexy football is back

we need a draw at least
but more than that
we need to draw girls
their teachers and parents
into the game

get behind the campaign
Girls United
for England

© CT07
*All curent factual information listed above and here is taken from the great new Girls United site launched today by the FA at www.thefa.com/GirlsUnited . Check it out.

*The Girls United campaign in conjunction with the World Cup, aims to inspire girls who have never played football before to take up the beautiful game.

Girls United is specifically targeting 9-11 year old girls, their parents and teachers and a print and on-line campaign will drive them to the specially-built interactive website – TheFA.com/GirlsUnited.

Here you can watch video clips, enter a great competition, sign up and get a squad number and send good luck messages direct to the England women’s team. The website contains details of local Women’s and Girls’ teams so the next generation of international stars can find their local club and kick-off their own football career.*
*Taken from Girls United website..
Come On England!


2007, Women’s World Cup I : ‘man to man’

Quote from the German team coach :

“I hope that streak continues, but it will be a tough game,” said Germany coach Silvia Neid.
“But the game against England will be a totally different game. England is good in defence and plays well man to man.”

So, football colloquial speak
Overrides the physical reality
I wonder would Emily Pankhurst
Revel in this playful gender neutrality?

But football is football
As per another cliché
So I’ll be cheering for England
When we pitch against the Germans today

© World Cup Winnie, 14th September 2007

England Women vs Germany Women, World Cup Group game, Friday 14th Septermber


pink salmon haiku

Hope springs eternal
Kelly Smith leaps like a salmon
We’re in the pink!

© World Cup Winnie, 18th September 2007

Congrats to the England girls, who qualified today for the Quarter Finals of the World Cup

Talismanic striker Kelly Smith nets a double.

Manager Hope Powell is rightfully thrilled.


Three Lionesses Haiku

three lionesses
knock Argentina for six
bring on the quarters

© CT07

Women’s World Cup .China.2007
England 6 Argentina 1.Sept 17
You can watch the quarter final(v USA, N.Korea or Sweden)live on the
BBC on Saturday 22nd 1pm .


Pandas In The Dug-Out Haiku

joy throughout the camp

pandas in the dug-out

Kelly’s heroes shine

© CTO7

Women’s World Cup. China.2007
England 6 Argentina 1.Sept 17
You can watch the quarter final (v USA, N.Korea or Sweden) live on BBC on Saturday 22nd 1pm.
There really was a panda in the dugout..well on top of it…(a fluffy top mascot one) .They not only need a mention but a reminder of their dwindling numbers. Save them now!


Where There’s….Hope.

The belles are singing
For Hope Powell’s girls
Blokes back in England
Are jealous as Hell.

A quarter final World Cup spot
When they’re only warming up
USA, North Korea or Sweden
Bring ’em’ all on, cos we hope (sic)
Them England belles will win the cup?

© kev 2007

Caught the terrific England v West Germany highlghts the other night, which was real end to end stuff. Gonna watch this match later tonight.

So….Lets Hear It For The Girls!




girls go out with pride haiku

girls go out with pride

so much England style on show

against the holders

© CT07
USA 3 England 0 Women’s World Cup China 07
It’s been brilliant watching England this time around.We’ve moved on so much since the Euros.In the end fitness and class shone .
Remember USA ironcially has been massive for the girls’ game for years., they are professionals- we are part time, and they haven’t lost in fifty games or more..Bring on the future.


The Bible has it
That God took a rib from Adam
To conjure up Eve

That being so
He must have taken Gerd Muller’s boots
To conceive …

Birgit Prinz

Germany wins

A pity
I was rooting for the flair of Brazil
And the magical Marta

All tournament long
She brought her own beauty to the game
This elusive little darter

And I also loved
Seeing the Brazilian girls dancing in the tunnel
A Samba segue

Part of their warm up routine
Along with superstitions, motivation, tactics
And hair spray

But as so often
T’was Teutonic efficiency uber alles
And Germany won the day

But victory too
For Women’s football as an attraction
Game on : fair play

© World Cup Winnie

Ni-how-ma : a phonetic attempt at the Chinese for ‘Hello’

(Only because I don’t know the Chinese for ‘Goodbye’!)

Sunday 30th September, 2007 : Women’s World Cup final

Germany beat Brazil 2-0

Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/2007/09/14/womens-world-cup-girls-united/