Dida’s didactic tactic

Some very different points of view on this one incident.

I admire Miss Humphries defence, there’s no question the fan was bang out of order and Celtic’s security lax.

But I have to say, Dida is going to feel very silly every time he sees the replays.

Link to the poems submitted on the subject here (or read them below) :

Don’t condemn Dida – non humphries
A Prayer for Dida – Peter Goulding
Heaven Rejoiced As Parkhead Erupted – Daniel McDonagh
A Charlatan keeper called Dida! – kevin raymond

Don’t condemn Dida

All order has left the game,
it’s descending into chaos,
the players aren’t the ones to blame,
aren’t scaling heights of bathos.

Before you say he was diving,
remember, if you care,
that when Milan were thriving,
he was hit by a flare.

No one condemns the Celtic fan,
for slapping a keeper,
the stupid man,
Dida’s a legend not the grim-reaper.

How can you condemn the victim,
for going down with too much ease,
leave alone the man who’d hit him,
a little respect is needed, please.

© non humphries

the bottom line is pitch invasions are just not taken seriously enough. they endanger the players and are horrendously stupid. How people are having a go at Dida I do not understand, it’s ridiculous, including UEFA, who shouldn’t even be considering punishing Dida. In contrast with all the incidents of over-zealous policing on the terraces last year, this shows a complete lapse in security that is unacceptable. Dida obviously did not fake injury with about 1 minute left in the game.

A Charlatan Keeper Called Dida!

Your man was some size for a keeper
Built like a brick chic house door
Fell like Northern Rock stock only sweeter
From a blow after Celtic had scored.

Spark out he was with concussion
Prone on Parkheads hallowed pitch
As the pundits, they took to discussing
What chance an Oscar or an Emmy at the Brits?

Bring on the stretcher, an ice pack, the doc
Smelling salts to bring your man round
As he’s carried concussed hit by goodness knows what
From a stunned and amazed football ground.

He’s having a laugh, send him off, early bath
He’s a poor mans excuse for a keeper
Pity he plays in goal for a great team like Meelan
That charlatan geezer called Dida

As the pundits chastized the offender
Who today received a just lifelong ban
Just remember not all the great actors are in Hollywood
As was witnessed from the packed Parkhead stands!

© Kev 2007
I know fans running on the pitch is out of order, but this kind of thing is getting beyond a joke.

Luckily Clarence Seedorf and the Meelan delegate when questioned played it right down and said it was up to the powers that be to do something about the incident, but they (Meelan) wouldn’t want to take it any further.

Seedorf went on to voice his glowing admiration for the majority of Celtic fans, which was a really cool way to diffuse what could have been a quite volatile situation for those concerned.



A Prayer for Dida

Let’s all pause a moment and pray for poor Dida,
So cruelly cut down by a vile interceder.
A thundering blow to the back of the neck –
No wonder the goalie’s a comatose wreck.
Such violence has seldom been seen on the box,
Since Ali hunched up and took Foreman’s fierce knocks.
The men from St. John’s had to hurry to fetch a
Respiratory aid and a fine sturdy stretcher.
Let’s hope the poor victim will shortly revive –
In fact it’s a marvel that he’s still alive.

© Peter Goulding 4th October 2007

Whatever Celtic’s security problems, Milan’s goalie must be the laughing stock of Europe today. If ever there was a case of bringing the game into disrepute, this must be it.

Heaven Rejoiced As Parkhead Erupted

The city of Glasgow woke up this morning
Hoping that the sun would be bright and blazing,
As the Champions League had returned once more
When AC Milan entered last night, through Parkhead’s door.

Along the Gallowgate, the singing would start
With Parkhead’s floodlights, a beacon in the dark.
And 60,000 supporters sang from their souls
As they eagerly awaited for a Celtic goal.

And as Parkhead sits within heaven’s sight,
Both teams were greeted by a sea of green & white.
How the Rossoneri were baptized by Glasgow’s eternal rain
That drowned their spirit; refreshed Celtic’s game.

Stephen McManus, captain of the green, white and gold,
Got Parkhead celebrating with his first Champions League goal.
A Paul Hartley cross, so accurate, that it soared
Over the defence of Milan for McManus to score.

One minute from time, a miracle we witnessed,
Heaven rejoiced as Parkhead erupted,
For wee Scott McDonald was quick off the mark
To score from a rebound that Dida could not grab.

© Daniel McDonagh

October’3rd 2007
Celtic 2 v 1 AC Milan

Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/2007/10/05/didas-didactic-tactic/