Haikus+Poems -Portsmouth & WBA Study Centres

A selection of some of the Haiku & Poetry work with young students and Crispin from two recent sessions at Portsmouth FC and also a recent Kick it Out session on Racism at West Bromcih Albion FC

FOOTBALL HAIKUS from Pompey Study Support Centre
November 21st 2007 – with children from Pompey Double Club schools – Staunton Sports College, Warblington School, Park Community School, St Edmund’s School and Priory Sports College.
(Thanks Nicky for helping to process them all! Crispin)
The first two haikus shown won Pompey Towels each..and John & Chelsy both promised they would use them !

It’s joy and despair
Football is about trying
Passion, skill and fun

By John

A smashing game
You can play it anywhere
Everyone loves it

By Chelsey


Pompey is my team
You might as well go home
To cry to your Mum

By Mike
Bring on the Blues now
See you on the pitch today
Score the winning goal

By Jack
The grass is muddy and wet
In the bath or in the sea
We all love the game

By Jade
Make some noise now
Football is simple
Blues will win the game

By Jason
Football till I die
We will, we will rock your socks
I love kicking balls

By Kane
Pompey are the best
They are from the heavens
A brilliant night

By Kieran
A great adventure
It’s played day and night
Football is the world

By Zac
It’s enjoyed by fans
David James saved a good shot
Football is the best

By Lauren
Football mad for life
In the night and in the day
Having fun with mates

By Jordan
We play on a pitch
Kick the ball to score a goal
Football is rubbish!

By Kirby
In the dark or light
It can happen anywhere
It fills me with joy

By Kyla

Beautiful fun game
Five goals to us and none to you
I just love to play

By Kieran
Football is the best
The excitable crowd shout
It is very loud

By Liam

A physical game
Score a cracking goal for us
Teamwork is the key

By Ethan

Just kicking a ball
We all love to watch a game
Born to love Pompey

By Maria
The back of the net
I would chant at every match
Scoring is the best

By Ben

A game of passion
A match of two halves
A badge of pride

By Josh
Kick the ball to win
Millions of pounds to watch
Born to kick a ball

By Anon
Crowds cheer on their team
The big game’s on Saturday
It’s a great gift

By Sonny

What a brilliant game
Girls and boys play football
It’s a privilege

By Sam
Pompey are my team
The fans cheer and shout out loud
The world’s greatest game

By Kynan

Shin pads must be worn
Pompey play at Fratton Park
A great game for life

By Billie

What a fine tackle
Drift into the ball and save
It’s my privilege

By Tristan

How long till half time?
Two teams battle for the ball
It gives me a thrill

By Grant

A brilliant goal eh!
Two teams go to war to win
It helps us to believe

By Joe (and Mr Turner!)

An amazing goal
Pompey are the greatest
It’s my honour

By Liam

KICK IT OUT HAIKUS & POEMS from West Bromwich Albion Study Support Centre / Fernwood Primary School Yrs 5 & 6
November 2007

A selection of some of the work with young students and Crispin at a recent Kick it Out session..Thank you Jennie at WBA for helping process them all. Crispin

by Pupils of Greatbridge School at WBA Study Centre-Oct 07

Abuse for colour
It happens in the playground
Act against it now

Thoyab- Great Bridge

Not being the same
Jealousy and hatred too
Others have rights

Jaycie – Great Bridge

Fear of this abuse
Jealous of your modern things
Stop racism fast

Craig- Rounds Green

Fear they might hurt you
It happens at football grounds
Let racism stop!

Billy- Great Bridge

Fear they might hurt you
Jealous of your brand new things
Act against it now

Sharonjit- Great Bridge


POEMS ON RACISM by Pupils of Ferndale Primary at WBA .Oct 07


Football is passion for the quite famous men,
And for some not so famous women as well,
Football is for any person at all
Whether big or small little or tall,
It’s for any race or colour,
It’s for all to enjoy
Be it man, girl or boy.

By Paige Seal -Ferndale


Football is a game of only two halves
Its full of action and lots of cards
There’s players scoring
The match can be boring
Football is a game with just two halves

Racists hide
They hide in the crowd
Sometimes they shout
Really really loud..

Words can hurt .

By Ryan- Ferndale



Here is a poem,
I’m about to tell
It’s really important
So listen well!

Football is dangerous,
But football is fun,
Play it in the rain,
Play it in the sun,

Racism’s a problem,
It’s still here today,
So leave the people alone,
To make it go away!

By Catherine Brisland – Ferndale


They are cool

Not a fool

It’s the best

Not a mess

Racism’s the worst

It makes me cry

Lets kick it out

And say goodbye

By Hannah Price – Ferndale



Football is bad
football is good,
All you do
is play in the mud!

All you have to do
is get the ball in the net!
Some of us have tried
but they haven’t done it “YET”

Some can do it
A hundred times or more
Why do they get
So excited when they score?

Racism is bad
Racism is wrong
Don’t worry don’t go
Just stay where you belong!

By Kirsten Wardlaw – Ferndale


I don’t like football
Like some people do
I think it’s a rip off
Tell me, do you??

I don’t like racism
There isn’t any need
But I understand
Your point of view !!!!

By Mikayla – – Ferndale



Football is a sport
Over a million fans
Over a million pounds to build a stadium
To work as a team
Be nice to everyone
And show racism the red card
Lots of people watch
Lets all cheer for football

By Russell Brown – Ferndale



Why , why ,why
oh why is it here ?
what could it be
Is it ignorance or fear?

You know what I’m talking about!

If you’re a football player!
And if you were black,
Would you like
The crowd on your back?

So don’t do it to someone
Else who is black!

So lets kick racism
Out of football!

By Yasmin-Leigh – Ferndale



Football is the best
Better than the rest
Footballers are class
And they play on grass.

Racism is bad
It makes me sad
If it has happened to you
Just ignore IT and carry on what you do.

I love football!

By charlotte nelson. — Ferndale


16 Oct we are all the same Youcef Bennadja
16 Oct Racism All Around Jin Abdalo
16 Oct stop racism heather montieth

Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/2007/11/29/haikuspoems-portsmouth-wba-study-centres/