A welcome in August

In August 2008, we welcomed the following new contributors to this site :

Kevin Halls
Andrew Collett

And we welcome back, a blast from the past :
Isabelle Brittain who last posted in May 2006.

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My Worst Nightmare
I had an awful nightmare
I woke up in a sweat
My heart was really racing
My clothes were ringing wet
I dreamt there was no football
Not one game in the land
For in my worst dream of all time
Football had been banned!

The stadiums had all been closed
The pitches all dug up
Old ladies all grew flowers now
Inside the F.A Cup
Footballs had been flattened
And mascots all set free
And football players without jobs
Were sent away to sea

It was a huge disaster
The Worst nightmare of all
‘Cause what would you and all do
If there was no football?

© Andrew Collet
Editor Note:This poem appears in “Football Fever-‘Poems about Football” a collection by John Foster published by Oxford University Press and you can find it or order it from any good bookstores, on Amazon or in any library.

From the Bantams to the Sky Blues

From the Bantams to the Sky Blues
I’ve been a fan for many years
Stood on the Spion Kop in the rain
Can recalll the wind, the rain, the cheers.
Watched in open mouth amazement
At the skill of a young George Best
Running rings around our full back
So much better than all the rest.
If you want a cathedral we’ve got one to spare
Came the chant from the west end crew
Out singing the fans from the Albion,
The Wolves, the Villa, and Leicester too.
So fast forward to the Ricoh Stadium
Please can this be the one when we go up
Because all us true Sky Blue fans are cheesed off
With forever talking about winning the blimmin F.A.Cup !

© kevin halls 21.08.08.

When i was little

When i was little i wanted to be,
a player on the pitch or the referee
scoring the goals, handing out the cards,
sendng players off, kicking the ball yards

When was little i wanted to be,
Just like beckham and wayne rooney
Playing for United, making new friends,
putting in all my effort until the end

When i ws little i wanted to be,
playing every game winning 6-3,
Now i’ve grown up i know what to be
a proud supporter watchin them on TV!

© Isabelle Brittain 23 Aug 2008

Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/2008/09/05/a-welcome-in-august-2/