A Welcome in September

In September 2008, we welcomed the following new contributors to this site :

H H Martinez
Graham Ashton
David Bentley

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My Uncle Dave had one love in his life
Apart from Phyllis, my Auntie – his Wife
This was his love for ‘the beautiful game’
That he passed onto me, because I feel the same

My Uncle Dave bought my first leather ball
And for those who remember, dubbin ‘n all
He used to whisper – shall we go out
In-to the back yard and kick it about?

Then from the kitchen, my Dad would shout
What’s wrong with the park, you’ve worn the grass out!
Uncle yells ‘quick, stick one on me ‘ead’
Mum shouts out too – ‘that it’s now time for bed’

There’s a ball in my car he’d often say
We’ve even played football on Christmas day!
He taught me his tricks, how to tackle & slide
How to trap a ball, with my back-side!

An all-round sportsman – a true footie fan
Who’s favorite player was the wing-wizzard, Stan
It wasn’t just football, we played cricket too
Still wearing my kit, of Claret & Blue

We went to the Valley to see Charlton play
My Uncle would laugh at the things that I’d say
Like do the linesmen like wearing black?
Why does the goalie have a 1 on his back?

And how many fans are watching today?
Or why are they not, called ‘Sheffield Tues-day’?
If there was a question, I’d always ask it
Why did that man call the ref’ree a ‘basket’?

I returned the favour, long before he was ill
It was West Ham five and Charlton nil
But he wasn’t upset, that the Hammers had won
He just said David, ‘what a great game my son’

Full time is not up, for my Uncle Dave
There still be a free-kick he’ll have to save
Or an extra-time penalty for him to score
Alongside Matthews, Best, Ball and Moore

I know that our games were special to him
When we were playing 3-goals-and-in
So wherever we go, at the end of it all
My Uncle will be there – with a shiny new ball!

© David Bentley 08.09.08
Dedicated to my Uncle who sadly passed away on 23.08.08

Editor’s note :

our sympathies to you David on your loss.

I’m sure your uncle would have been proud of this great eulogy to him.

The Theatre Of Dreams

Old Trafford is our fortress,
The jewel within our crown
On entering our spirits fly,
And never come back down.

It’s the place we come to worship,
The theatre of our dreams.
Our red religion just goes on,
And falters not it seems.

The roars spark fear in many,
From the mighty Stretford End.
These songs we’ll sing forever,
On this you can depend.

We sing about King Eric,
The immortal George Best.
These legends that we worship,
All stand above the rest.

Our loyalty’s unquestionable,
And will never be divided.
So who’s this team that we adore,
It’s Manchester United.

© Graham Ashton

The Macks Versus the Mags

The distant thunder of the chant
From far outside the ground
Commences well before kick-off
Separated by a motorway
The two rivers battle
The Wear and the Tyne
A derby others teams can only dream of
A biannual spectacular

The roar of the crowd
Wear the badge and be proud
The red and the white
Plays the black and the white
An off-field war of words
Screams of foul, send him off
Surely a penalty ref
Constantly goading both players and rivals

The players emerge from the tunnel
To a onslaught of noise
Performing in their chosen colours
On an emerald well-groomed pitch
The absolute delight of the home crowd
As the first goal is scored
Silence from the away supports
But they will soon be back in tune

The final whistle blows its last
The fans continue their song
Well after 5.45pm
Into the pubs of the night
Telling their tales of heroics
Both on and off the playing field
Weeks after the event
Until the next encounter
Home or Away!

© HHMartinez 23/9/08

Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/2008/10/06/a-welcome-in-september-2/