Attitudes to Racism & Abuse – Your Poems

2 ATTITUDES TO RACISM & ABUSE In Football Your Poems
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2 ATTITUDES TO RACISM & ABUSE in Football – Your Poems

Whatever your feeling on this subject , it’s reared it’s timely head once again . None of us want stadiums, playing fields, parks and grounds to become so quiet and P.C that they become devoid of good fan humour, banter atmosphere, but why still such abusive behaviour? Maybe I’m just totally old fashioned or too sensitive? What do you think guys ? What can we do? Why is it still going on? For more poems on racism just type in “Racism” in the search button.

30 Oct The Ball Grace
27 Oct How Lovely Her Old Face
Laijon Liu

27 Oct Gutted & Disgusted of W.London
kevin raymond
22 Oct Together John Oliver
Oct 21 Still Trying To Kick It Out Crispin Thomas
13 Oct Boo Hooing Blah
12 Oct Booing non humphries
12 Oct Fury On The Airwaves Crispin Thomas
11 Apr Does it Matter non humphries

From 2004 ...
A Rap, Five Haikus, A Sonnet and an Acrostic on Racism by Crispin
Kick it Out Rap Crispin Thomas
Only A Ball Crispin Thomas
Just A Game-Haiku Crispin Thomas
Judged By Skin Alone-Haiku Crispin Thomas
Arthur Wharton -Haiku Crispin Thomas
Paul Canoville -Haiku Crispin Thomas
Paul Canoville – Acrostic Crispin Thomas
Black Players As Role Models-Sonnet Crispin Thomas
…………..and from the Archives….
Fans & Fools Albert Nyathi
From Rosa Parks to football parks
Clik The Mouse
Kick Racism Out Amie
Gypsy Chants Stuart Butler
Thanks Paul (Canoville) Stuart Butler
Don’t be Afraid Olivia Kelly
Remembering Wharton Emdad Rahman

Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/2008/10/30/attitudes-to-racism-abuse-your-poems/