A Welcome in December

In December 2008, we welcomed the following new contributors to this site :

Ron Keith Morrell

And we welcome back, a blast from the past :
Tomas de Faoite who last posted two years ago.

Click on the names above to see that person’s poem(s), or browse some selected first efforts below :

the toon

blaydon races,
we sang the song ,

in many places
all day long.

but today the joy has gone,
my idols are no one.
to work i go, i toil and sweat,
fighting off the dreaded debt.

no longer can i subsidise,
the players prepared to take out my eyes.

© Ron Keith Morrell

Arsenal Are The Best!!!

Arsenal are the best,
From football they never want a rest.
It kick’s off at 7:30
Champions League tonight,
It’s going to be a fight.

The crowd holds their breath
As Fabregas strikes the ball
The goalie dives to the left,
And the ball hits the back of the net.

Arsenal win the cup
The crowd go cheering home
Arsenal are the best
From football they never want a rest

© Chanelle

Abdi Arsenal

Is Arsenal the best team in the world?
When Henry went to Spain and got sold
Then you see Adebayor from Togo
His country on his Adidas logo

Is Arsenal the best team on earth?
When they play at the Emirates turf
You see Walcott as fast as a cheetah
When you blink he runs a kilometer

Is Arsenal the best team in the league?
Because the others are drunk with fatigue
Fabregas the majestic midfielder
When he plays he has more power than Matilda!

© abdi

Null Null
‘What will you do when you leave football, Jack – will you stay in football?’

– Stuart Hall

Brooke in the brook, head in a book-
Robbie Keane scores twice for Liverpool FC.
We will never walk alone, but we do.
We run into no mans land like we used
To run down alleyways of our youth.
Captain Gerard leads the way into the plot
That will be forever home from home-
Everton FC.
Bully beef, beans, trench foot, foot rot
Fingers frost bit, no moons in our nails
On a full moon night,
Shells everywhere, red seas in our ears.
Even the odds, no man left alive. Null, null,
Says Stewart Hall, on Five Live at six-o-six

© Tomas de Faoite

Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/2009/01/05/a-welcome-in-december/