First Heroes & Villains Poems

February 2009

Everyone begins somewhere and some of us were drawn to the game by early heroes (and often villains).Someone to aspire to.. or maybe some rebel or loose cannon on the pitch .Why? Who knows. So..send us YOUR first and greatest football hero or villain. If you had to pick just one though, who would it be?

First Hero /Greatest Hero and First Villain /Greatest Villain poems will appear below . Go well Crispin

02 Feb Edgeley Park Villains Phil Brennan
02 Feb Edgeley Park Heroes (1 to 11) Phil Brennan
01 Feb My Hero mark merriman
31 Jan Did These Blokes Scare Me? kevin raymond
31 Jan David Speedie Hero/Villain kevin

30 Jan Vieira non humphries
29 Jan Geordie was a villain John Oliver
28 Jan When That First Whistle Blows
kevin raymond

PAST THOUGHTS Heroes’/Villains From The Archives

Chopper Harris/Tommy Smith Peter Goulding
Waiting For Roy Of The Rovers Crispin Thomas
Jimmy Greaves – My Hero Crispin Thomas
Come Back Bobby Moore P Maguire
When Pele Plays Who Does he Dream Of? P Maguire
Tommy Burns R.I.P Clik the mouse

Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/2009/02/07/first-heroes-villains-poems/