A Welcome in May 2009

In May 2009, we welcomed the following new contributors to this site :

Jez Danial
Alan Weston
Jeremy Smith

A welcome to all our contributors from Speke Secondary Modern School school :
Ray Smallshaw

A welcome to all our contributors from Kings Hedges Primary School school :
with this combined A-Z poem

A welcome to all our contributors from Wombwell School, Barnsley :
with this collection of poems under the theme ‘I Was There’

Ryan Butterworth
Luke Tomlinson
Jake Allert
Jake Raynor
Luke Peel
Luke Bamford
Liam Stuart

Click on the names above to see that person’s poem(s), or browse some selected first efforts below :

Oblivion in Norfolk

Out with the rust, the has-beens! Torrid reckoning now is due,
Green and Yellow still their colours, but both indicate anew,
A lack of chops and lack of bones as did they lose and lose again,
To Reading, Forest, arch-foes Ipswich, and all else ‘till season’s end.
Long receded Bayern awe, and wins before the Spion Kop,
Kept us a throng for far too long as Norwich slithered to the drop.
‘League One’ nomenclatura: take no heed of false bravura,
As Sunday May the Third sends City Reeling to the Third!

© Jeremy Smith

The end of seasons dream

The play off final and it is all come down to this
Promotion from the blue square premier is what no one wants to miss
In their thousands arrived the confidant fans
Wembley Sunday 17th May 2009 was where they had plans

The first 20 minutes promised gave a positive viewing
But 15 minutes later and Cambridge are losing
As the referee blows for the break
Some fans head to the bar are finding it hard to take

As second half Cambridge set off out of the traps
Bouyed on by the amber army’s cheers and claps
All of sudden a mistake is made and Bolland receives a booking
Fans begin to start questioning was the referee really looking

As the minutes and hopes begin to fade away
Still the fans try to sing and join in the sway
Football is cruel sport as Sills scores number two
Time is running out now as Cambridge run out of clues

As tears start to flow from Fans young and old
The dream is over it’s a funny old game so we are told
Inquests begin where did it go wrong
Even the fans struggle to muster a song

Fans walk away down Wembley way thinking is football really their thing
‘Of course it is’ come August they will be back ready to sing
The only way to get out of this league is to win it outright
But for that my friends we will have to put up a fight.

© Jez Daniel
Writing about Cambridge United’s second play off final defeat…

Football Farce

Football managers and players should hang their heads in shame,
For what they’ve done to our traditional football game.
Now sportsmen in the game are a dying breed
with managers and players getting rich with greed.
Sportsmen! They are not, for they will cheat and connive,
winning free kicks and penalties by taking a dive.
Pushing, pulling and shirts being torn,
Punching and swearing are now the norm.
After a night on drugs and all night boozing,
players get violent if their team is losing.
The managers aren’t any better when staring at defeat,
encouraging players to go out there and cheat.
If the players do wrong and it’s plain to see,
the managers will argue and blame the referee.
And now referees are getting in on this shameful act,
with the top premier clubs they’ve now formed a pact.
If the top club is losing, then with the last kick of the ball,
the referee gives them a penalty for no good reason at all.
If that doesn’t help they commit another dreadful crime,
by giving them another chance by adding on extra time.
The F.A. watches these games and don’t seem to mind,
What’s up with them? are they totally blind?

© Alan Weston

I have watched the football game change for the worst over the past 10 -15 years and after being an ardent football supporter for many years, I decided to call it a day and stop wasting my money the greedy managers and players of today.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/2009/06/03/a-welcome-in-may-2009/