What Do We Want From Football Today? Your Poems

This theme is inspired by recent dis-satisfactions versed here – but more recently by Andy’s great poem this month on the game, players and his beloved Wolves, which also appears below. We moan and stuff but we keep going. Or do we? What do we really want and what do we expect? I hope you respond to this. Where is the game going?I’d love to present loads of your poems and suggestions, (keep it clean please) to the clubs and their managements, the FA, Premier League, FIFA, the players and anyone who’ll read or listen, but would they? And if there were changes what we would WE introduce ? More please guys. Crispin

What Do We Want From Football Today Poems

12 Mar Icon – Alan McKean
11 Mar The Fickleness Of A Football Fan – kevin halls
09 Mar We Don’t Want What We Think We Want – S B Ingle
08 Mar What Do We Want – Non Humphries
03 Mar What Do We Want From Football Today? – Crispin Thomas
02 Mar Wanderers’ Lament – Andy Lockett
2000 Footballer’s Blues/The Price Of A Beer – Crispin Thomas

Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/2010/03/12/what-do-we-want-from-football-today-your-poems/