Your Team In September +Your 1st Match Poems

1 Your Team In September
2 Your First Match Poems

1 Your Team In September

September thoughts on Bolton, Carling Cup, Chelsea, Cork City, Coventry City, Crystal Palace, Derry, Everton, Ipswich Town, Liverpool, Man City, Man United, Middlesborough, Newcatle United, Norwich City, Republic of Ireland, , Russia , Torresgate, Tevezgate, Tottenham Hotspur, and Wolverhampton Wanderers.

30 Sep Boro – A Ghazal Khadim Hussain
29 Sep Derby Emily Williams
9 Sep A Premier Spot Darren eeffe
28 Sep Parting Gift Alan McKean
28 Sep Wantaway Tevez Tanka Alan McKean
24 Sep Taming Wolves-Liverpool 2-1 Woves Emdad Rahman
24 Sep Red hot Spurs Emdad Rahman
23 Sep Our cup run is over Khadim Hussain
22 Sep The die is cast Darren O’Keeffe
22 Sep In the pub watching the game kevin halls
22 Sep Late, Late show John Oliver
22 Sep Carling Cup Khadim Hussain
21 Sep A View From Behind The Goal kevin raymond
21 Sep That Damn Man Yoo Dennis Swift
20 Sep Marvin Emnes – Acrostic khadim Hussain
12 Sep Proud to be a Coventry fan kevin halls
12 Sep Kevin. Glyn Roberts
12 Sep Little Boy Blues Glyn Roberts
11 Sep No Mersey: Stoke City 1-0 Liverpool Emdad Rahman
10 Sep Hard times ahead. John Oliver
08 Sep Richard Dunne Colossus of Moscow Peter Goulding
07 Sep Unbowed though Outclassed Darren O’Keeffe
05 Sep The Yellow Phase S B Ingle
01 Sep My dream for Liverpool Stuart Ashworth
01 Sep A Charismatic Keeper-Matt Murray
Robbie Kennedy Bennett

2. Your First Match Poems- Selection 2000-2011

In Awe Of Your Foe kevin raymond
My very first football match kevin halls
My introduction to a fantastic dream Stuart Ashworth
My First Time (ish!) mark merriman
Yer First Match Kevin Raymond
The First Time Mark Thomas
First Game Haiku Stuart Butler
The First Time 10 Dec ’77 S B Ingle
Delayed debut John Oliver
Can You Remember The First Time? Crispin Thomas
First Match Remembered Clik the mouse
My First Match Lea Page
First Match Magic Kevin Raymond
Up There With The Feeling Crispin Thomas
My First Match Stephanie Cole
The First Time Ever You Saw That Place Crispin Thomas
History Repeats Itself Clik The Mouse
First Game Alan McKean
The Day I Became A Liverbird
Louise Ann Lacy
Pocketful Of Goals Louise Ann Lacy
Losing To Plymouth Andrew Detheridge

Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/2011/09/30/your-team-in-september-your-1st-match-poems/