Nov Team Poems + Facebook Poem Of The Week

30 Nov stuart ashworth Unusual red moon.

Play for Burma – Human Relief Cup 2012 Emdad Rahman

& From A Photo In A Shop Window kevin raymond
Football Poets on Facebook ‘Villanelle of The Week ‘
When Boro stormed to the top – Villanelle Khadim Hussain
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November name-checks for Arlesley Town, Burma, Cardiff City, Chelsea, Coventry City, Crystal Palace, David Sexton RIP, England, FA Cup, Football, Football Fans, Forest Green Rovers, Fulham, Juventus, Liverpool, Man City, Men in Black, Middlesborough, Nottingham Forest, Refs, Shakthar Donestsk, Sunderland Swansea, Sweden WBA and Yeovil, .

30 Nov Chelsea 0-0 Fulham Borat Skorbard
30 Nov Chelsea 0-0 Man City, Dave Sexton R.I.P. Borat Skorbard
30 Nov In the swirling mist khadim Hussain
29 Nov Do it, Mogga! Louis Spence
27 Nov Football Fans kevin halls
27 Nov From A Photo In A Shop Window kevin raymond
27 Nov Play for Burma – Human Relief Cup 2012 Emdad Rahman
26 Nov Siege of Cardiff City Stadium Khadim Hussain
26 Nov When We Were Kings kevin raymond
26 Nov We, Who Are So Very Fickle! kevin raymond
24 Nov When Boro stormed to the top – Villanelle Khadim Hussain
22 Nov Here We Go, Here We Go, Here We Go. kevin raymond
21 Nov Out The Door Haiku Crispin Thomas
21 Nov Don’t Get Carried Away kevin halls
21 NovJuventus 3-0 Chelsea Borat Skorbard
21 Nov West Brom 2-1 Chelsea Borat Skorbard
20 Nov Before every match Khadim Hussain
18 Nov The Old Football Ground -haiku kevin halls
18 Nov Avid for Video – Pantun Dachlan Cartwright
17 Nov Leon Osman’s 1st England Cap – Cynghanedd Dachlan Cartwright
17 Nov Trevor Steven/ Don’t Forget the Non-Divers Dachlan Cartwright
16 Nov Unbelievable tekkers!!!!! Clik the mouse
15 Nov OMG. Back To The Drawing Board kevin raymond
15 Nov Alas poor football Peter Goulding
12 Nov Chelsea 1-1 Liverpool Borat Skorbard
12 Nov Why Bother ? kevin halls
11 Nov Remembrance Day Stuart Butler
10 Nov Best is yet to Come! Khadim Hussain
10 Nov Which shirt was Brian Clough wearing? Khadim Hussain
10 Nov Boro’s Not Afraid Khadim Hussain
10 Nov Heroes of Stadium of Light Khadim Hussain
10 Nov Heroes! Khadim Hussain
08 Nov Three In A Row kevin raymond
08 Nov Chelsea 3-2 Shakhtar Donetsk Borat Skorbard
08 Nov Swansea 1-1 Chelsea Borat Skorbard
08 Nov Chelsea 5-4 Man Utd Borat Skorbard
05 Nov A Bad Night In kevin raymond
05 Nov Up for the Cup ? kevin halls
05 Nov MIB Phil Whyte

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