March Team Poems+Fbook Poems of Fortnight

Football Poets on Facebook Poems of The Fortnight:

The cockerel The spurs poet

Gift of the Gub Alan McKean

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March name-checks, game-checks and blame checks for: AC Milan, Barcelona, Birmingham City, Cardiff, Charlton, Chelsea, Coventry City, Huddersfield, KIng Kenny, Liverpool, Man City, Man U, Messi, Middlesborough, Moyes, Rafagate, Rayo Vallenco, Sparta Prague, Tony Gubba RIP,Tottenham, Swindon Town, West Ham United, Wolves.

20 Mar Chelsea 2-0 West Ham
Borat Skorbard
19 Mar Messi Villa greets Rayo
Emdad Rahman
19 Mar In The Courts kevin halls
16 Mar The cockerel The spurs poet
16 Mar Push and run The spurs poet
17 Mar Short Term Memory Alan McKean
16 Mar Come Saturday Night Khadim Hussain
16 Mar Boro Haiku Khadim Hussain
15 Mar Chelsea 3-1 Steaua Bucharest Borat Skorbard
11 Mar Blue and Red Danny Gill
11 Mar The Last Laugh kevin raymond
11 Mar Phone-in Baloney mark merriman
11 Mar Gift of the Gub Alan McKean
11 Mar Man Utd 2-2 Chelsea Borat Skorbard
11 Mar Reds dent Spurs Euro bid
Emdad Rahman
09 Mar No Escape from Alcaraz
mark merriman
08 Mar Steaua Bucharest 1-0 Chelsea Borat Skorbard
06 Mar Dragon Slayers Khadim Hussain
05 Mar We Just Ain’t Interim! (In to him)
kevin raymond
05 Mar Welsh Dragon at the Riverside
Khadim Hussain
04 Mar Chelsea 1-0 West Brom
Borat Skorbard
04 Mar Come back Kenny P Maguire
01 Mar
Bring on the Robins kevin halls
01 Mar Boro Supporters! Khadim Hussain
01 Mar At 1500 Khadim Hussain
01 Mar Shakespeare’s Ghost P Maguire

Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/2013/03/26/march-team-poemsfbook-poems-of-fortnight/