All Your February TEAM Poems

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All your February odes on and to Arsenal, Barcelona, Bowton, Bungay, Burnley, Cardiff City, Chelsea, Coventry, Crystal.Palace, Everton, Fulham, Hull City, Liverpool, Man City, Man U, Newcastle Benfield, Newcastle U, Norwich C, Notts Forest, Olympiakos, Real Betis, Sheffield U Southampton, Sunderland, Swansea, Tottenham H, West Brom,Whitley Bay & Wigan.

28 Feb A new Gooner? A new Gooner? (Arsenal)
27 Feb Name = Identity S B Ingle ( Norwich C/Hull City/Cardiff City)
27 Feb An Act of Braggadocio or What?
kevin raymond (Fulham/Chelsea)
26 Feb I Walk Align (homage to Sean Dyche) Graham Smyth (Burnley)
26 Feb Premier League 0 Northern League 1 Oliver Tweets (Newcastle Benfield/Newcastle Utd/Whitley Bay )
26 Feb It Ain’t Me Dave, It Ain’t Me You’re Looking For kevin raymond (Olympiakos/Man U)
26 Feb Keano steamo! Clik the mouse
(Olympiakos/Man U)
26 Feb David’s Dream Graham Salter (/Man U)
24 Feb Bottom of La Liga Graham Salter (Real Betis)
23 Feb Red waves on the Swansea Emdad Rahman (Liverpool/Swansea)
23 Feb Ryan Giggs is 40 John J O’Connor (Crystal.Palace /Man U)
22 Feb Surprise Alan McKean (Bowton)
19 Feb Have We Been Here Before? kevin raymond (Man C/Barcelona)
18 Feb NUFC Time for change John Oliver (Newcastle U)
17 Feb Exits Feuds & Robbed kevin Raymond (Arsenal-Liverpool)
17 Feb F.A.Cup 5 Rnd–Haiku kevin halls (Cardiff-Wigan/Man C-Chelsea/Sunderland-Southampton/Everton-Swansea /Sheffield Utd-Notts Forest/Arsenal-Liverpool)
15 Feb Kop kings of the Cottage Emdad Rahman (Fulham / Liverpool)
14 Feb ” Over To The Emirates” kevin raymond (Arsenal)
13 Feb Mrs Norfolk Jim Alex Saynor
12 Feb Toward The Bridge and Eden kevin raymond (Chelsea)
12 Feb Cheato Flores Glyn Roberts (Swansea)
11 Feb Sunday Leagues Under the Sea
S B Ingle (Bungay Town)
11 Feb What Does Football Smell Like? S B Ingle (Norwich)
10 Feb Away Days–Haiku kevin halls (Coventry)
09 Feb I Want It All and I Want It Now kevin raymond (Chelsea)
09 Feb 12-30 West London, Saturday kevin raymond (Chelsea)
08 Feb High fives for high flying Gunners Emdad Rahman (Liverpool/Arsenal)
08 Feb What’s In A Name? Graham Salter (Hull City)
05 Feb Why The Long Face? Haiku Crispin Thomas (Chelsea)
05 Feb The Gallowgate Gob Emdad Rahman (Newcastle U)
04 Feb Horses For Courses kevin raymond (Man City / Chelsea)
04 Feb Kolo the fall guy Emdad Rahman (West Brom / Liverpool)

Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/2014/02/24/all-your-february-team-poems/