All of Your TEAM December Poems

Your final end of year nods to:: Arsenal, Ashton United, (FC) Basel, Bournemouth, Chelsea, Coventry, Curzon Ashton FC, Everton, FC United Manchester, Forest Green Rovers , Liverpool, Middlesborough, Norwich City, Nottingham Forest, Rangers, Reading, Stoke City, Swansea, Tottenham H, West Ham United, / Wigan, Wolfsburg and Wolves..

24 Dec Unbeaten Away Andrew Detheridge (Nottingham Forest)
22 Dec Gardening Leave kevin halls
20 Dec A Three Team Town Alan Valentine
(Ashton United / Curzon Ashton FC / FC United)
19 Dec Not a priority Gary Oliver (Newcastle U)
19 Dec A View from the Retail Park Alex Saynor ( Swansea)
15 Dec My Football Club-haiku kevin halls (Coventry)
14 Dec Boro vs Bournemouth – Haiku Khadim Hussain (Middlesborough,/ Bournemouth )
1 Dec Riverside Haiku Khadim Hussain (Middlesborough)
14 Dec Wigan v Boro Haiku Khadim Hussain (Middlesborough / Wigan)
14 Dec Go Tell the Boro Supporters Khadim Hussain
11 Dec Forest Green Rovers and WW1 Stuart Butler
(Forest Green Rovers )
11 Dec Oh Referee! GeoffDawson(Wolves)
11 Dec We are Wolves Geof Dawson (Wolves / Bournemouth)
10 Dec Forest Green Rovers’ Going Vegetarian Simon Caplan (Forest Green Rovers)
10 Dec Champions League ? You’re having a laugh David Sanderson (Liverpool / Basel)
08 Dec A Christmas Carroll Simon Caplan (West Ham Utd /Swansea)
08 Dec Chambers of Horrors Simon Caplan (Stoke City / Arsenal)
07 Dec Evertonian haiku Mark Robinson (Wolfsburg / Everton)
04 Dec Loyalty and Limpets S B Ingle (Norwich C / Reading)
04 Dec A Cold Night in West London
kevin raymond (Chelsea / Tottenham H )
03 Dec From Wolfsburg with glove David Sanderson (Wolfsburg / Everton)

Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/2014/12/31/all-of-your-team-december-poems/