All Your March TEAM Poems

More of Your March team poems with lyrical nods to :Arsenal, Athlone, Barcelona, Chelsea, Dulwich Hamlet U-11s/ U-12s,Everton, Hibernian, Liverpool ,Man City, Man Utd, Millwall, Monaco, Newcastle United ,Norwich City, PSG, Shelbourne, and Sunderland

23 Mar With the Juniors Dulwich Poet
(Dulwich Hamlet U-11s / U-12s )
23 Mar To Hull and Back with Rik at The Vic
Crispin Thomas (Hull / Chelsea)
23 Mar Late Drama kevin raymond
(Hull / Chelsea)
23 Mar Sardines & exotics – goal for the shoal Clik the mouse (Chelsea / PSG,)
19 Mar. It Could Have Been Worse kevin raymond (Barcelona / Man City)
18 Mar He’s ILL (Ozil) and So Can’t Be Serious! kevin raymond
(Arsenal / Monaco )
17 Mar Red Henderson Emdad Rahman (Liverpool )
16 Mar The rusty old tin shed Peter Goulding ( Shelbourne / Athlone)
14 Mar Mr Holloway At Last You’ve Finally Gone!
Bradford Middleton ( Millwall).
13 Mar Oh No! S B Ingle (Norwich City).
12 Mar out, ouch Clik the mouse (Chelsea / PSG,)
12 Mar John Motson Interviews Emily Dickinson Eddie Gibbons (Liverpool )
12 Mar Disgusted of West London kevin raymond (Chelsea / PSG,)
12 Mar The Armband and the EightEddie Gibbons (Liverpool).
10 Mar Taking A Look Around Me kevin raymond (Chelsea).
07 Mar What I’d Do 500 Times Eddie Gibbons (Hibernian)
07 Mar Compatriot Games Eddie Gibbons (Hibernian)
05 Mar Arsene’s Coat mark merriman (Arsenal)
05 Mar Jonas G returns Clik the mouse (Newcastle Utd / Man Utd))
02 Mar East Fouls Up.(Haiku) jim dolbear (Man Utd / Sunderland)
02 Mar Tiki Taka for Tots Eddie Gibbons (Liverpool)

Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/2015/03/25/all-your-march-team-poems-2/