All Your October Team Poems

October name checks and mentions for :
Aston Villa, Billericay, Bolton, Chelsea, Coventry City, Dulwich Hamlet, Everton, Forest Green Rovers, Ireland,Georgia, Germany, Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd, Margate, Middlesborough and Newcastle,

31 Oct Steeled we Stand!
Khadim Hussain (Middlesborough)
31 Oct Boro Fans Hold Your Head High With Pride – Villanelle
Khadim Hussain (Middlesborough)
31 Oct Wayne , Can One Person Be Worth So Much?
Bradford Middleton (Man Utd)
29 Oct A New Age Of Football Politics Kyle Norbury (Man Utd / Man City)
28 Oct How Will They Manage ?
kevin halls (Bolton)
27 Oct I No Humour
Trent Morris (Chelsea)
22 Oct For Matthew ~Matthew Harding RIP Carol Ann Wood (Chelsea)
20 Oct footballing mediocrity
Mark Valentine (Bolton)
19 Oct Bolton In The Rare Old Times Alan Valentine (Bolton)
18 Oct Big Mac’s leaving do.
John Oliver (Newcastle )
17 Oct Big Gentleman~Howard Kendall RIP
Gacina Bozidar (Everton )
15 Oct These Changing Times
Mike Bartram (Liverpool )
14 Oct Euro 2016 q10: perfect 10
U Rowe ( England)
11 Oct Pretending We’re Not At The Top
Crispin Thomas (Forest Green Rovers )
10 Oct ” My Glory’s Better”
Dulwich Poet (Dulwich Hamlet )
10 Oct Back of the Net Dulwich Poet (Dulwich Hamlet /Billericay)
08 Oct Euro 2016 q9 U Rowe
( Ireland / Germany )
08 Oct Euro 2016 q8: Georgia off our minds
U Rowe ( R of Ireland / Georgia )
05 Oct In Mowbray We Trust kevin halls (Coventry City)

Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/2015/10/19/all-your-october-team-poems-3/