More of Your May Team Poems

May name-checks for : Burnley, Dover Athletic, Forest Green Rovers, Leicester City, Middlesborough, Preston.

11 May Tinker Man
mark merriman (Leicester City)
11 May The Fosse Way
mark merriman (Leicester City)
11 May L.S.F(Leicester Sixteen Fantasy)
Kyle Norbury (Leicester City)
11 May Big Up To Leicester City
kevin raymond (Leicester City)
06 May The Sea is Calm Tonight
Stuart Butler (Forest Green Rovers/ Dover Athletic)
05 May Miracle Man
Slangtastic Sr Fox (Leicester City)
04 May Five Thousand To One
Trent Morris (Leicester City)
04 May Swapping Shirts with Shakespeare: Dover v Forest Green
Stuart Butler (Dover Ath/Forest Green)
03 May Super Foxes
Kevin Halls (Leicester City)
03 May Dilly Ding Dilly Dong
Crispin Thomas (Leicester City)
02 May Leicester City Champions Denys E. W. Jones (Leicester City)
02 May Can we say
Gacina Bozidar (Leicester City)
01 May For Boro Fans Friday is Fun Night! – Villanelle Khadim Hussain (Middlesborough)
01 May The Battle of Turf Moor
Khadim Hussain (Middlesborough/Burnley)
01 May Boro Haiku
Khadim Hussain (Middlesborough)
01 May I am a Boro fan
Khadim Hussain Middlesborough/Preston)

Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/2016/05/12/more-of-your-may-team-poems/