Football At Christmas Poems



26 Dec    Boxing Day fun and games      joe morris

22 Dec  Just days to Christmas      joe morris


16 Dec   Football at Christmas always seemed too much.   joe morris


10 Dec  So Here it is Merry Christmas   Sharon Jones

3 Dec  One Christmas During Covid     Crispin Thomas

3 Dec  Rodborough Robin Trail ~ It Came Upon A Midnight Clear  Stuart Butler


05 Dec One Christmas in the Trenches ~ Centenary   Crispin Thomas


13 Dec A Christmas Prayer     Mike Bartram

16 Mar World Cup at Christmas?   S B Ingle


Dec  Festive Fixtures   E Power
23 Dec    Merry Christmas Geof Dawson
19 Dec Team Sheet Alan Mckean
17 Dec  The 25th Christmas Mike Bartram
06 Dec A Sixties Lad’s Christmas List    kevin halls
08 Dec A Christmas Carroll   Simon Caplan
03 Dec If I Were A Wise Man Trent Morris

30 Nov   Football In Winter   kevin halls


24 Dec Last Game Before Christmas..  kevin raymond
18 Dec   Looking For Black Boots   Crispin Thomas
16 Dec One Christmas Morning kevin halls
16 Dec Crocked-kevin halls 

So here it is Merry Christmas P Maguire


A Christmas Wish Come True     Peter Goulding
Come Back Dad (Again) Stuart Butler


28 Dec Day After Christmas Khadim Hussain
25 Dec Boxing Day   Emily Williams
23 Dec 12 Points for Christmas Khadim Hussain
23 Dec Merry Christmas, 2011 Clik the mouse
19 Dec Twelve Points of Christmas   S B Ingle
19 Dec   Beware Geeks Bearing Gifts S B Ingle
21 Dec A Christmas Wish   Darren O’Keeffe
17 Dec Boxing Day and New Year Haikus   kevin halls
16 Dec A Geordie Xmas wish John Oliver
16 Dec 12 Days of Christmas   Clik the mouse
12 Dec Mark Hughes’ cancelled Fulham’s Xmas party   ron dixon
12 Dec Christmas Wish List kevin halls
07 Dec Another Christmas In Afghanistan  & Iraq   Crispin Thomas
02 Dec Those Were The Days kevin halls
01 Dec Proud to Wear the Shirts mark merriman
28 Nov A Sad Christmas Tale Peter Goulding
25 Nov Swapping Garrincha Kevin Halls
22 Nov I’m A Collector Get Me Out of Here   Crispin Thomas
18 Nov Any stickers to swap ? John Oliver
28 Dec Dancing with Wolves   Emdad Rahman
27 Dec The day after Christmas Khadim Hussain
24 Dec 3 Xmas Cheers For Sky    kevin raymond
24 Dec Gifted S B Ingle
23 Dec Christmas 2009 Clik the mouse
22 Dec Letter to Santa   Khadim Hussain
19 Dec Boxing Day Memories John Oliver
11 Dec Christmas Haikus Kevin Halls
11 Dec Dear Santa/Wish List Kevin Halls
06 Dec Vacant Seat In The Stand jim dolbear
06 Dec Hitching To A Game At Xmas Crispin Thomas
Dec 28  Among These Hills At Christmas Time   Crispin Thomas

24 Dec Merry Christmas, 2008 Clik the mouse
23 Dec What I Want For Christmas!    kevin raymond
23 Dec An Ulterior Motive…Maybe      kevin raymond
17 Dec The Rodborough Doggy Tree    Basil the Westie
16 Dec Christmas With Basil  Crispin
14 Dec Boxing Day Game Alan McKean
12 Dec sexism stadia & seasons   Le Plume de Football
12 Dec Not Going To Auntie Flo’s kevin halls
10 Dec While the Shepherd’s watched John Oliver
02 Dec A Burnley Song for Christmas   Vintage Claret

09 Nov Stevenage Road, St Stephen’s Morning. –kevin raymond

14 Dec Christmas 1952. John Oliver
13 Dec Christmas Daze!   Kevin Raymond
12 Dec A Boy’s Christmas Wish Jim Dolbear
12 Dec Old Firm Christmas Daniel McDonagh
12 Dec A Celtic Christmas Daniel McDonagh
10 Dec It’s the Pantomine Season! Me
07 Dec Tackled by Christmas   Paul H Tubb
28 Dec Christmas Past and Present Stuart Butler
28 Dec Nil-Nil The Bitter Pill SB Ingle
27 Dec Carrow Road, St Stephens Day kevin raymond
25 Dec Letters to Santa Part 2 mark merriman
25 Dec Merry Christmas, Jose   L D R
24 Dec Letters to Santa mark merriman
24 Dec A Mother’s Dilemma! kevin raymond
20 Dec Team Talk John Cox
15 Dec A Christmas Tale (2006) Mark Thomas
14 Dec On The Straw Behind The Goal John Oliver
13 Dec A Sad Christmas Tale   Peter Goulding
13 Dec Whatever Next? Stuart Butler
10 Dec Christmas Anoraks Crispin


Christmas In Iraq Crispin Thomas

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