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A Hero That Could Fly

Gordon Banks was one of the greatest goalkeepers
that the world had ever seen.
Remember that save against Pele in the World Cup,
an impossible feat it did seem.
The Kop always appreciated opposition goalkeepers,
but Banks always got the loudest cheer.
He played at Anfield in Oct 1972
and left the pitch to the Kop’s applause loud and clear.
But the next day Banks was involved in a car accident,
which cruelly cost him the sight of his right eye.
As brave as Banks was he realised he’d have to retire,
they called him a ‘hero that could fly’
When Banks came to Anfield as a spectator,
Shankly took him before the Kop and together they stood.
The reception Banks received from the Spion Kop was incredible,
just like you knew it would.

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Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/poem-tags/banks/