Poems tagged ‘Bayern Munich’

Der Bomber.

Midst dream during those twilight hours
Used try discard our past, an ponder
If…that bandy fella plied his trade at ours
T’would be a sight at which to wonder…

You know, stocky little centre forward
Simply banged, `em`, in for fun
Countless defences put to the sword
That o’ rated England being one.

Found out earlier today he sadly passed…away
To the ground above in the great blue yonder
Where a trade-mark swagger still holds sway,
Gods scratch their heads in awesome wonder.

I know today’s game is an entirely different kettle o’ fish
Opposed to those sepia tinted matches, I often ponder?
Yet I remember thinking, does that little fella ever miss?
Marvelling, midst anger, at the exploits of… Der Bomber.

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Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/poem-tags/bayern-munich/