Poems tagged ‘Conference’

Count To Ten & Count The Clichés

keep your feet upon the ground
the plans of mice and men
are worse than all the clichés here
breathe and count to ten

try to curb emotions
nothing’s cast in stone
don’t say that it’s over yet
keep your dreams in tow
don’t celebrate too early
the die is not yet cast
wiser to remember
lessons in the past ~
don’t live in the future
keep your powder dry
many a slip twixt cup and lip
we’ll know by and by
and do refrain from saying
you feel it in the air
wake me when it’s over
pinch me when we’re there

don’t cross bridges early
see what Winter brings
last word’s not been spoken
‘til that lady sings
not the time to speculate
one game at a time
keep on doing what we do
it’ll work out fine
we’re not down to brass tacks
season isn’t done
put that ol’ champagne on ice
battle’s not yet won
keep on digging out results
never change your tune
deja vu will never do
don’t let’s peak too soon

so keep your feet upon the ground
the plans of mice and men
are worse than all the clichés here
just breathe and count to ten

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A Meadow Park Scoreboard

A trophy haul to rival Ferguson’s,
but new seasons don’t feel so new any more.
An imaginary game in the village of Solva,

a training camp in the Austrian Alps,
immaculate pitches, mountains
and thunderclouds. A refurbished Meadow Park.

A dwindling summer, birds leaving these isles,
longer shadows in the parks at dusk.
Careful writing to prepare for the term

and reflect on a too-early start
to the football season column of wins
and losses, out-of-context judgements

from inspectors with no categories for castles
filling a classroom or shields fluttering
in rows from the ceiling. How many steps

beyond outstanding would you have to stretch the grid
to contend with Mr Wickens’
defences against ignorance, optimism planted

and hope inspired: the sense of a place
in the world he would help you to occupy.

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Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/poem-tags/conference/