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Cup Final Forgiveness


Now here’s a little poem – that you’ll find you can’t resist,
It was written by the father – of the first girl that you kissed.
So what if you’re a footballer – on several grand a day,
You can never kiss a girl like that – then simply walk away.

I’m sure your days are hard enough – you’ve trained to be the best,
But my daughter can’t forget you – and won’t sleep without your vest.
I know this happened years ago – before she was a nun,
But the convent said “it’s all your fault” – their work had been undone.

So for seeking out forgiveness – then you’d best begin with me.
As I’d love to sit and watch you play – and it’s twenty-five to three.
Yes, we both know it’s a final – and Cup game after all,
And the chances are you’re nervous – as you’ve yet to kick a ball.

But the family could forgive you – and I’ll find it in my heart,
If you come and get me from gate three – before you flipping start.

©Dennis East

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