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One Of A Kind ~ Mishi Dulwich Morath RIP

Mishi was a one-off a real true fan
leaves a huge gap where he always used to stand
held his club like a jewel in his hand
followed them the way few could ever understand

poured out his feelings at the game and in his lines
lovingly reflecting all the good and bad times
alway down to earth never looking for signs
passion and conviction it always just shines

one thing to say and loads don’t know it
but Mishi used to post here as ‘Dulwich Poet’
Mishi was a character and not afraid to show it
stuck by his club when it looked like they’d blow it

I never ever met him I’ll regret it to the end
but I’m proud to remember him and call him a friend
poems and emails the times we used to spend
talking ’bout football ’til it drove us round the bend

Mishi used to struggle with the digital age
still loved scribbling down words on the page
some call it anger some call it rage
but football love is the hardest one to guage

rave on Mishi you’re one of a kind
gave it all you had ev’ry second you coud find
wherever I go I doubt if I’ll find
a more loyal fan in space or in time

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‘Survival’ by Dulwich Poet (Mishi DH RIP)

(NB This poem is by ‘Dulwich Poet’ (Mishi Dulwich Hamlet)

People say if they cut me
I’d bleed Pink and Blue
I hate to disappoint
But it simply ain’t true.
I’m as ordinary as everyone else
My claret’s old fashioned red
I think it will just break my heart more
If my Football Club ends up dead.
Everything I’ve ever done
All I ever do
My beloved Dulwich Hamlet
I do it all for you.
Champion Hill’s what defines me
It’s my spiritual home
If we go out of existence
I’ll never be so alone.
Greedy property developers
Throwing their toys out the pram
One hundred & twenty five years of history
They don’t give a damn.
I’m so scared of the future
For both my Club and me
Just sell up Meadow Residential
That is my heartfelt plea.
In my 44 years of supporting
It’s been mostly seasons of hurt
But that’s no reason to treat us
Like a proverbial piece of dirt.
‘Pa’ Wilson began it all
Way back in 1893
From his little acorn
Grew the greatest oak tree.
Four times Amateur Cup winners
Best non-league ground in the land
How on earth did it come to this
From our own ground banned?
The last ten years have been special
Best crowds for fifty years
We really have built up too much
For it all to end in tears.
Exiled to our ‘enemies’
Tooting & Mitcham now our ‘home’
But I will follow us anywhere
No matter where we roam.
Like a dog is not just for Christmas
A football club’s for life
It’s just than in my case
It’s also my surrogate wife!
Last year we almost got to Wembley
Two rounds from the arch
Now we’re in intensive care
Fighting death with a rally and march.
No matter what happens
I’ve got to hide my hate
And if the worst comes to the worst
Know that I stepped up to the plate.
I don’t care what standard
Where we are or Step Five
Constantly praying to my God Edgar Kail
Please keep Dulwich Hamlet alive.

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Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/poem-tags/dulwich-hamlet/