Poems tagged ‘First game at home’

Rolling out the Green Carpet

I can’t wait.
I cannot wait for that groaning clunk as the turnstile spins and spits us out,
and the Saturday crowd all mills about
at Court Place Farm.
I can’t wait.
I cannot wait to be queueing for tea at a quarter to three,
for the cheerful ‘hello’s from the faces we’ll see
as we jostle for space.
I can’t wait.
I cannot wait for the whistle to blow, our first game at home,
for the cheers and the moans, the laughs and the groans,
the silly banter, the mindless chatter and checking our phones
for the other games’ scores (whether win, lose or draw),
to see where we are…
at two games in… and forty-four of them still to go…

I can’t wait!


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Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/poem-tags/first-game-at-home/