Poems tagged ‘Football language and the transfer window talk.’

When Football Stops

Now’s the time
when football
stops on the pitch.

Now’s the time
when football
stops on the telly.

Now’s the time
when the parks
go quiet.

Now’s the time
the grass
starts recovery.

Now’s the time
my to do list gets sorted.
Tidy under the stairs,
old shoes get booted.

Make hollandaise sauce,
buy a horse, rearrange
the tablecloths.

Now’s the time
I don’t travel.
No Birmingham, or
away to Newcastle.

No M6 to M40 interchange
hassle. No video assistant
referee panels.

Loads to do
in the coming weeks,
before the transfer window
opens in fourteen sleeps.

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Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/poem-tags/football-language-and-the-transfer-window-talk/