Poems tagged ‘Human Relief Foundation’

HRF Team Ghana

Human Relief All Stars
Took a short hop to Tamale
After a long haul flight to Accra
To the aroma of the Kukuo bakery

First stop is Kpaling
An encounter so very brief
Honoured by the locals
We met the village chief

The women came out in force
Their happiness was rife
We joined them at gushing wells
Yes, water really is life

But football was the main force
Behold the beautiful game
We were awestruck by such talent
Back home it’s no way the same

I yelled, “Over here Marcus!”
Circled by a group of three
Was really hailing our photo wizard
Kids thought ‘mark us’, was my plea

Football in Bamvom and Moglaa
Pro touch coaching in Nanton Zuo
Matchday in Tolon
Game time in Agona Asafo

Shaikhs Muhammad, Ali, Adam
Richard, Nizar, Waseem
Abdal, Hannan, Abu, Shaheed
Haruna, Marcus, Emdad, Kassim,

They welcomed us Akwaaba
Our friends faces shine with gleam
We bid goodbye to Ghana
Nante yie proclaim the team

© emdad Rahman


Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/poem-tags/human-relief-foundation/