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James Alexander Gordon

JAG one
Listeners millions
transfixed with bated breath
whenever he read
Saturday scores on the radio
year after year after year.

For over four decades,
JAG never missed a weekend
August to April
odd bits at the side
while listener addiction
grew and grew and grew.

Hence walking back briskly
to the car after a game;
having won or lost or drawn
it was the other results that were wanted
Premiership English
down to Scottish Three
so waiting for JAG
awaiting his words.

Knew each result before
JAG concluded a line
superb intonation
fabulous diction
slow and clear for
game after game after game.

Survivor of polio
no longer with larynx
so no more Saturday fixes
of his dulcet tones.

For JAG’s now gone
after battles he’s won
flawless and faultless;
a hero to a listening nation
and never to be forgotten.

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