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“You’re Fired”

They said I lost the room
Where all the players dressed
Thanked me for all my efforts
And wished me all the best
My replacement then appeared
Just minutes after my sacking
Only two days after the Board
Had given me their backing.

They said, unlike the local grocer
I couldn’t set my stall
And that football’s a results based industry
So I was the guy to take the fall

I’ll now go about my gardening leave
And I’ll spend time with the wife
Take more coaching badges
And get away from stress and strife.

I’ll rid my eyes – of their sleepless bags
And my hair of gray I’ll dye
And before I ply my trade again
I’ll work a bit for Sky.
Then I’ll go abroad to coach a while
To boost my resume
Come back next early season
when my options I will weigh.

They said I left a bitter man,
When they gave me my termination
In that there is no grain of truth
Though I wish them relegation

So let them find their dressing room
And re-arrange their stall
Park the bus where the hell they want
Cos I hope they win F- all.

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