Poems tagged ‘Messi’

Better than the real thing?

Who, or what
could be better than Messi?!?!

try me
bed bound
in the dead of night
under the spotlight
like Walter Mitty
in a ditty

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WC2018 Day 16

Messi Ronaldo
Lack of versed supporting cast
Exeunt stage left


Changing of the guard
Two goals versus two assists
Mbappe trumps Leo

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France Uruguay+Farewell Messi Ronaldo -Day 16

rivalries aside
for Ronaldo and Messi
time to say farewell


France 4-3 Argentina

in this Russian heat
two proud nations lock their horns
France emerge and stay

this new prodigy
Mbape with youthful touch
tears Argie apart

fluent style and pace
dancing on our global stage
Allez on Les Bleus


Uruguay 2-1 Portugal

like an eagle swoops
Cavani the pouncer here
with such stunning goals

Ronaldo forlorn
Portugal again fall short
Uruguay stand tall

chances come and go
Sky Blues here remind us all
grab them while you can

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WC2018 Day 13 – haiku

Maradona hurts
Elimination side-stepped
Messi takes control


It almost happened
Last sixteen without Messi?
Leo gets serious!


When a draw will do
Final score: honours(?) even
Les Blues and the Danes


Quelle surprise! Nil-Nil
First one of the tournament
Suits both to go through


Progress freezes up
Not for the want of trying
Thunderclap death knell


Cahill makes a bow
Aussies rue missed chances
Return down under


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WC2018 Day 8 – haiku

a dodgy keeper
giving us all the willies

~ # ~

Mbappe taps home
Les Blues looking cohesive
France advance

~ # ~


VAR sees the smoking gun –
the sheriffs sitting in their judicious techno-box
call for instant justice
and sometimes
turn a blind eye

the players have suddenly become charades experts
as pestering as ever, of the disarmed referee;
the tv technicians are loving it – re-run after re-run, keeps them busy
while the punters are just dizzy
from not knowing when, the whistle might blow
and we re-trace our steps
back to the gallows

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WC2018 Day 3

    France v Australia

Technology trumps
Pivotal and true

~ # ~

    Argentina v Iceland

Icelandic sub keeper (Fred Schram)
Is an imposter
The only non-sson
On the roster

But his pals are heroes once again
With Messi’s penalty saved
They hold out for a draw
And the defence never caved

~ # ~

Hill walk

there are reasons
for not watching every match
even though it IS the World Cup
and it only comes around
once every 4 years

and surely one of those reasons
is to convene with nature
walking and talking
amongst friends
old and new

but as I take a pew
and reflect, on the beauty that lay before me –
the rolling hills buffered up
by the coy mist and boisterous breeze
my mind begins to tease

it would have been nice
to chat incessantly
about chances taken and chances spurned
about line-ups and omissions
and every starting berth earned

but that wasn’t the strength
of this particular pod
so the nearest I got to a Rimet yarn
was being told on exit from brackish tarn…
that my boots were kinda messy!!

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