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Given the season (to be jolly, or not)
I jingle
more than I jangle
so if you were
to dangle
a chance
in front of me….
I’d be the one
blocking on the line
the last ditch
rather than
the pretender
to Ossie’s throne

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Osgood Was Good

he was an icon in sun and in rain
back of The Shed we just sang out his name
great in the air strong on the ground
“Osgood Is Good” that was the sound

Raquel Welch on that old touch-line
Steve McQueen and a bottle of wine
Terence Stamp the Beatles and Stones
sure is amazing how football’s grown

took us to Europe right to the top
took us up to Wembley saved us from drops
never won much did they as they please
but they were the Boys of the Seventies

still felt the awe with Ossie around
taking new fans on the Tour Of The Ground
back in October he stood by my side
watching Bolton getg tanned like a hide

still had the power still had the smile
still had charisma still had the style
Kings Road Fulham Road restaurant or bar
raise your glasses- a true superstar

Ossie was legend Ossie was Blue
Ossie was Chesea through and through
Ossie was king he was our Best
Osgood Was Good long may he rest

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Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/poem-tags/peter-osgood/