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The business end

Time to roll up the sleeves
It’s the business end
Of the Premier League season
Be prepared for ugliness
Wars of attrition
Desperate measures
Relegation travails
Trials and tribulations
Scrappy, hell for leather
Football, throwing kitchen
Sinks at severely troubled
Egos, Struggling for survival
Of the fittest or just not
Up for the fight
Or maybe they are
Today it’s the collision
Of the Clarets
In East End environs
At the London Stadium
West Ham and Burnley
Contrasting bouquets
One a fine fully bodied
Flavour in the top 10
The other sinking fast
And wondering whether
Promotion back to
Premier League routines
Was some fruitless quest
We’ll take the red, please
But now the Premier League
Becomes totally unsympathetic
No mercy, no respecters of
Reputation who ever you are
For Sheffield United and Luton
The dark chambers of gloom and doom
Drop down ominously
The Blades now cut down to size
And destined to drop through the
Trap door from whence they came
Unless the intervention of miracles
Come to their rescue
Walk on water, Sheffield United
You may need all the help
You can get
Held by the Cherries
Of Bournemouth
On the South Coast
A point by the Hampshire
Promenades but surely down
No cherries on any cake
Then the Hatters of Luton
Still booted and suited
But still seeking smart
Bowlers to remain
In elite company
Particularly amongst
The City of Manchester
Boys against men
But Luton we commend
Your gallantry and valour
When the odds are stacked
Against you
A last second leveller
At the Palace
Where the royal courtiers
Will always meet with
A courteous bow
Meanwhile the Gunners
Still firing on all cylinders
And gorging on goals
Only two against the Bees
But no sign of any indigestion
Arsenal indulge in latest jars
Of honey
Today though it’s the epic battle
Royale, Blow the trumpets
Gladiatorial dignitaries
Will assemble in the
Etihad’s amphitheatre
Lions are prowling
Circling the wagon
Manchester City and Liverpool
It simply doesn’t get any better
This is serious
And they’re not joking
No holds barred
No concessions
It could be the
One we were hoping for
And of course expecting
This is no time for compromise
Win at all costs
Cards on the table
Lock those horns
Pep and Jurgen
It’s now or never
The blow could be
Either painful or fatal
Lose then Arsenal
May be ready to rejoice
With chilled champagne on ice
Ready for May celebrations
Yet another Premier League trophy
It’s been a while now
But patience could be a virtue
For those who once walked
The Highbury roads and streets
Boasting George, Radford, Brady,
Simpson, Kelly, Graham,
The richness of Rocastle’s talent
When North London was the centre
Of the capital’s hoi polloi
Fashion and flair for lunch
But now it’s Havertz, the winner
In the nick of time yesterday
Odegaard, Rice, Saka
A treasure trove of gifts
This could be their season
To restore the status quo
Premier League champions
It sounds so good
Pleasing to the eye and ear
Those Emirates connoisseurs
They know a trophy
When they see it

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It was raining goals today

On the weekend of grave
Solemnity for those we
Loved and always will
The heavens opened today
In the Premier League firmament
It was raining goals
A monsoon of memories
At the Bridge today
We crossed to the land
Of plenitude
Yet another treasure trove
Eight of the best
Chelsea and Manchester City
Defy the laws of gravity
A 4-4 draw
Now that couldn’t have
Happened but did
Sterling’s valuation
Priceless and timeless
Still capable of twisting
Knots in dumbfounded defences
Going this way and then the
Other, scoring
A stick of dynamite
Ferocious firebomb
Twinkling feet amid
The Blues galaxy of stars
Then Silva ageless
Jackson yet another
Cole Palmer, once of City
A fulmination of lethal
While City were sharing
In the fun and frivolity
Of it all
Haaland double top, Akanji
Always alert to the scent
Of a goal, Rodri adding
Brazilian decorations
At the London Stadium
Your claret and blue
Troops test yet more
Blood pressures
Gripping onto the edge
Of seats
In paroxysms of panic
When Forest led briefly
But then cured by the antidote
Of Bowen again on the mark
Lucas Paqueta opens
Body before firing in first
Bullets from the holster
And then Czech mate
Soucek knocks over king
Before taking the crown
The ultimate winner
Finally a win for
The East Enders soap
Opera, perhaps
A vibrant vaudeville
Of a five goal thriller
Liverpool back to their
Sunday best
A hat-trick of Anfield
Goals, goals, goals
Tricksters and stylists
Fashioned to perfection
Bees of Brentford
Denied their honeyed
Prompts and probes
Where once there were
Goals in recent weeks
Seagulls descend on the
South Coast again
But this time hit a rock
Brighton held by
Steel shutters
Sheffield United
Tighter and brighter
Perking up but
Not yet out of the
Relegation woods
A point on the promenades
How invigorating to be
Among the Amex faithful
It’s the briny air of course
And finally Villa
Studio lights on
Fashionable decor
Furniture as elegant
As Unai Emery’s smart
A team in full sail
Gliding through the
Turbulent oceans
Of Premier League
Bite, bitterness,
Triumph and tenacity
VAR’s hotly contested
This was a fruit salad
Football’s sweetest trifle
A wanton weekend
Of Premier League goals

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