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Well Done Roy Bentley (1924-2018)

born into a different world the Spring of twenty four
you were barely starting on the path
but down at Bristol City at the outbreak of the war
you ended up just nursing the giraffe! *

but destiny was waiting as they flocked to Stamford Bridge
the day that Moscow Dynamo hit town
locked out with the crowd but like so many on that day
you found your way inside that heaving ground **

and barely three years later in the year of forty eight
you yourself were signing for the Blues
your talent so apparent you had passion style and skill
and a spirit born of nothing left to lose

it was cloth caps and Bovril where forty thousand stood
upon that bank in fog and sleet and snow
it was long shorts and Brylcreem and fifteen pounds a week
the People’s Game like you had far to go

from constant jokes in music halls you led us to such heights
among the mighty outfits of that age
the Wolves and Man Uniteds to the Arsenals and North Ends
you blazed your name and club upon the page

from cartoon strips of ducklings from ‘pensioners’ to champs
I recall the headlines still with glee
for on that day in April when they swarmed across the field
you stood up in that stand for all to see

and fifty years has passed now since that golden moment when
you led your team to win the league that day
your prowess as a captain is still etched in history
the spills the thrills the goals along the way

those magic games for England with your heroes
but still you wore that royal blue with pride
and still you set examples for the future Chelsea babes
you’d always start in any all-time side

and few would know the day you claimed that title
you’d set the wheels in motion like a toy
may the memories all be glad for there’s little more to add
except this simple thank you – well done Roy!

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Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/poem-tags/roy-bentley/