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Still Swapping Shirts with Willie The Shake

still swapping shirts with Willie the Shake
taught us words can make the heart ache
showed us life is just a stage
where we run and strive and guage
this Peoples’ Game that carries on
until the day that we are gone
that changes unbelievably
into a money monster tree
as all our words and all our dreams
for ‘fave’rite’ matches players teams
the grounds on which we perched or sat
all down the years in scarf and hat
with rattles badges and rosettes
on terraces we can’t forget
when you and I like sailors stood
or sang on well worn seats of wood
and swapped nostalgia for the new
but still we write ..it’s what we do
and still we watch or listen on
like Shakespeare here our words prolong
for though we never really know
what lures us all to football so
we still swap shirts and words with Will
who taught us how love can fulfill
and make hearts burn and understand
just what it is to be a fan
to pen and share upon this stage
like grass our online printed page

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Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/poem-tags/shakespeare/