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are for the national teams,
but Blatter wants them in the league,
and so it seems,
with less foreign signings,
comes the death of competition,
best league in the world,
battered into oblivion.
It’s the cream of the crop,
who rise to the top,
it’s the way it is,
and there’s no way it would stop,
because it’s no good,
for the national team,
if English players get games too easy,
get held in too high an esteem,
the best young players,
will win regular places,
regardless of the squads’,
various races,
competition is good,
it’s what makes us strong,
giving mediocre players a leg up,
is getting it very wrong,
now this is the league,
for which every player craves,
to play in and it’ s thanks to,
Schmeichel’s star jump saves,
through to Torres’ precision,
you want your game purely English,
then step down a division,
multi-nationalism shaped our league,
myriad of styles and impossible skill,
this is the game,
that Blatter wants to kill,
nations working side by side,
in pure co-operation,
learning each other’s playing styles,
there’s no sweeter sensation,
than watching jet-heeled,
total-football without limitation,
it’s the bi-product of dependency,
on more than one nation,
that’s why it’s all premiership,
in the final of the Champions League,
don’t tie us down, we’re the best,
that’s what Blatter must concede.
you want it pure English?,
go and watch England,
because all their brilliant foreign stars,
are an absolute godsend.



Blatter has to drop this utter tripe soon.
The argument is – that because of foreign players , not enough young english players get to play first division football .The reality of the situation is that smaller or lower league clubs are often the best place for young players to develop anyway and are also the best rise to premiership clubs. Surely it’s only these players we should be considering for England anyway. The likes of Gerrard and Lampard manage to get into top four clubs because they’re good players, however Chelsea’s best players are Cech and Drogba, neither of whom are English and Liverpool’s best player is probably Torres who isn’t English either. With 6+5 I honestly fail to think of a convincing 6 for most teams.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/65the-end/