A cursory ode on hearing the withdrawal of Gerrard and Dyer

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Certain starters.
Elusive darters.
Pin-point passers.
Ever so eager.
Without them,
our chances meagre.
Their exclusion,
an intrusion,
into our hopes
and dreams.
Such sad verses.


Gerrard is such a big loss.
So is Dyer, though he hasn’t been a fixture in the England team anyway, so his loss won’t be as traumatic.

Personally, I would have had Anderton and McManaman in the squad in the first place, so would definately have called them up.
But then again, I’m not Sven!

Written with the 2002 World Cup looming.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/a-cursory-ode-on-hearing-the-withdrawal-of-gerrard-and-dyer/