A Nation of Dancers, Singers and Poets – Or how to get the day off

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 It’s a vast area, Nigeria –
Dissimilar to Bavaria
And the Gulf of Carpentaria;
Most unlike cold Siberia,
And even hot Iberia,
But nearer to Liberia,
And also to Algeria –
(That’s Geog., innit? Natch,
But how to watch the match?)
Well, you might try miliaria,
(Don’t mention Cup Hysteria)
Or even the malaria,
Or the flesh eating bacteria,
Or hitting your calvaria,
Or catch royal porphyria,
Or nasty hot diptheria,
Or a simple cough,
Have to have Wednesday off,
To watch the match,
Wearing sanguinaria,
As your hopes fly on talaria,
Hoping we’re superior,
But I hope I’m not anterior,
By revealing my interior,
Sitting ‘neath wistaria,
Resting my posterior,
In some cafetaria,
And I hope we beat Nigeria,
Though Elaudah Equiano
Reminds Ololade Omotoso
We are “A Nation of Dancers, Singers and Poets.”
So, farewell The Group Of Death!
You were at a loss
As to how to dupe the boss,
Malaria on Wednesday,
Right as rain on Thursday.
Funny that.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/a-nation-of-dancers-singers-and-poets-or-how-to-get-the-day-off/