A Silent Night’s Dialogue

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 “So you’re from Hamburg, Fritz?
How do ya do? Good on yer.
I’m from Hounslow meself.
You know it?
Come on Chelsea! Up the Blues!
You worked in Liverpool, Fritz?
I wondered how you got to speak Scouse.
You supported Everton?
We’ve got something in common then.
Same colours mate. Up the Blues!
Come on the Toffeemen!
What wouldn’t I give for a toffee right now.
A nice minty one. Warm me right up.
Schnapps? Too bloomin right mate.
Cheers! Good health and a long life!
Now look what I’ve got – want some snap?
Snap – that means something to eat.
What about a tin of bully beef and a jam sandwich?
You don’t fancy that? You’ve got some sausage instead?
Suits me mate. Just the job. Lovely, Fritz.
Course you can call me Tommy.
Let’s have a smoke now. Fancy a fag? Give your mate one too.
We don’t have to worry about third light tonight.
Nice and quiet. No guns. No flares. No rifles. No snipers.
Quiet innit? Silent in fact. Sing us a carol again Fritz.
Sing us that Silent Night again. That’s my mum’s favourite.
What wouldn’t I give to be back home now.
Back in the kitchen with the chicken cooking.
You too? Course you can. Once this lot is over.
And then we’ll watch Chelsea play Everton at the Bridge.
What have a game tomorrow? Here? Why not?
In No Mans’ Land. Who knows? The officers might join in.
Coats and caps for goals and a tin can in case the ball bursts.
Bags I’m Chelsea though. Better get back now. You an all.
Good night mate. Silent Night. Heilige Nacht.
See you tomorrow. Merry Christmas. Happy New Year.”


Happy New Year.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/a-silent-nights-dialogue/