“After You Claude”

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Not feeling well, a stinking cold
Yet on football I’m still sold
Not Man. United
On Sky Sports Four
Even if I liked Murdoch
I’m far too poor.
Only way to watch is live in the flesh
A genuine grassroots amateur sesh.
I am sat in the Champion Hill stand
For a game that puts me in ‘la-la land’.
The Cambridge University light blues
Taking on the Amateur Football Combination
Rather well-to-do’s.
Old Suttonians and Meadonians
The Honourable Artillery Company
Alongside Bealonians.
They’re not playing for the fame
Just the simple love of the game
Rather polite and no swearing to be heard
I’ve yet to hear a bad word.
Cheating and diving? Well I never…
Not the done thing it’s not clever.
Must confess I’ve not much interest in this game
But enjoyable to watch all the same
The first goal was a delight to see
Missed by all the suits having their boardroom tea!
Even so it’s a first for me
I’ve never sat in the stand writing poetry!



( There was a pitch letting at Champion Hill, the Amateur Football Combination had a representative match against Cambridge University)

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/after-you-claude/