All Gone Now -A Final Thought Remixed

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 a final thought for all my friends
before this summer break
and one last look within the book
before we wipe the slate
at all of those predictions made
for your beloved teams
at all your hopes that swirled like smoke
to end like sleep in dreams
monopolies in certain leagues
where big fours dominate
whilst other chaps are left with scraps
the envy and the hate
to all who sang and danced in stands
in strips of every hue
to fortunes spent with good intent
as faithful fans will do
to mornings spent on motorways
to those who lived each breath
to those who strived with faith alive
unto the very death
to those who never miss a game
wher’ere their team may go
to those reduced to pubs and bars
to those who never show
when Euros stare without us there
to what will we resort
from Portugal to Switzerland
just who will we support?
for now another season’s gone
until we start again
a month before pre-season games
what will we do til then?


Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/all-gone-now-a-final-thought-remixed/