An Inappropriate Ice Cream Van

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 It is the Semi-Final of the Cup
My team is almost through.
The tension rate is mounting,
The rest is for me to do.
It’s my turn in the Penalty Shoot-Out
And it’s vital that I score
Because that will win us the game
As they missed the one before.
I am nervous but confident
That it’ll be over as soon
As I have taken this penalty,
Then I hear a familiar tune.
‘It’s the Ice Cream man,’ screamed someone,
‘Let’s get an ice cream.’
He then left and was followed
By mine and the opposing team.
I shouted for them to stop,
As they approached the Ice Cream Van.
Someone said, ‘Just take it,
We’ll be back as soon as we can.’
So they left me in the area
With the referee
And the oppositions keeper
Who was still staring at me.
I was exceptionally angry
I kicked the ball in disgust.
‘No Goal,’ Shouted the Referee,
‘They’ll be back soon I trust?’
I, of course, was horrified
When I realized what I had done.
I begged and pleaded with the ref
To let me take another one.
The Ref, of course, dismissed me
Saying, ‘I’ve made the decision.’
And when our team came back
I explained to them our position.
They were unhappy with me,
And even more so I’ve no doubt,
When the other team scored
And that’s what put us out.
I think this even though nothing was said,
I’ll tell you how I made the connection,
I realised this when twelve Ice Creams
Were thrown in my direction.


Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/an-inappropriate-ice-cream-van/