Another Premier League season

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Premier League season tucked away
Into the cherished cupboards
Of yesteryear
Momentoes of the loveliest niche
Of our minds and senses
Etched into the essence
Of our soul and sentimental corner
Of our precious lives
Manchester City and West Ham
Crowned as European Champions
In their respective ways
City claiming the more
Prestigious of trophies
But the Hammers rightly
Elated by perhaps
A once in a lifetime experience
In historic Prague
Perhaps another moment
In the esteemed literature of
The game
Living in the future
It’s a mirage of possibility
But the cynics say
Never again
We’ll prove the doubters wrong
Europa League holders
Next season. Oh no
In the land of fantasy
And hyperbole
Some Hans Christian Andersen
Anecdote where mystical myths
Will laugh heartily at claret
And blue ambitions
Shakespeare insisting
From the distance of time
Long, long ago
Per chance to dream
Claret and blue devotees
Just bathe in the luxuriant
Waters of a UEFA trophy
Champagne for breakfast,
Lunch and tea throughout
Summer’s beautiful days,
Nights, in perpetuity
And then there was City,
Treble top, 180,
Premier League, Champions League,
FA Cup, surrounded by baubles,
Exceptional in victories
In classical and valuable pearls
Diamond diadems, vastly impressive
Rewards for heartfelt exertions
There’s almost a lovely poignancy
About football’s emotional playground
When the defeats of the past
Could never be our lands of glory
And exultation
We hope to win one day
But then never do
So we mutter disconsolately
Dropping our heads and tears
Where nobody can see us
Relegation followed by
Promotion, childish laughter
Then adolescent awareness
Of jubilant evenings
When losses become history
And Declan Rice
Lifts that magnificent trophy
Everything is complete
Ribbons, bows and streamers
Glitter and confetti
Bus top parades
A giddy, dizzy cavalcade
A million cherries on the icing
Of that memorable cake
Pep does three times
And enduring smiles
Football, hey
What a game



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Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/another-premier-league-season/