Another World Cupful of Clichés

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 glad to be here hard to miss
never thought I’d feel like this
first half thoughts? non event
they’re just proud to represent
stunning backdrop empty seats
calm reflective in defeat
this is where it could ignite
hosts could give the best a fright
brilliant setting colour sound
still the finest coach around
group stages always tight
back to basics not their night
no conviction just one shot
there’s a guy who’s seen the lot
down the channels marking slack
asking too much no way back
go for goal on a roll
one man light takes its toll
second yellow had to go
something we will never know
to be fair he’s everywhere
really has to shoot from there
opens up knockout stages
be all over the back pages
flat back four has to score
couldn’t really ask for more
no commitment let it slip
kept the pressure lost their grip
lacking pace no disgrace
not the side you wanna face
need a boost home to roost
signs were there no excuse
all to play for paper cracks
only Day 4 just relax
perfect advert for the game
level playin’ same-same
no midfield out to lunch
half time roasting sucker punch
pushing on far too tame
only have themselves to blame
far too good to go out
please explain what that’s about
crowd were flat what was that?
I swear I will eat my hat
park the bus them and us
have to change it as needs must
in the running household names
now’s the time stake a claim
on the cards men v. boys
hard to hear above the noise
unrelentless all caught napping
one mistake just a tap-in
in the moment off the bench
no pushovers looking tense
goalie has to give a shout
they’re still there or thereabouts
only by skin o’ their teeth
that display’s beyond belief
none on target well off form
one to calm them in the storm
ran their socks off early doors
game over if he scores
ninety minutes another day
no such thing as easy games
always fighting for their lives
needing something to survive
chasing shadows on the rails
depth and width never fails
too few gaps 4-4-2
nothing else that they can do
backs are up ‘gainst the wall
time for heroes stand up tall
un-effective on the ball
is this where the big boys fall?
gutless spineless lost their shape
take the flack need a break
we’re all waiting edge of seats
movement spreading ball to feet
strong on paper in the hunt
light on chances weak upfront
no posession check the stats
he’ll be disappointed with that
have to change it looking grim
couldn’t ask for more from him
bang on full time have to say
different class end of the day
final thoughts no complaining
something they can sort in training
hard to choose between the two
brave decision saw them through
that’s it time’s up
but cliché wise…it’s afunny old World Cup



and these are just a few so far..
.but who’s your favourite and guiItiest cliché pouting pundit or commentator this time.?

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/another-world-cupful-of-cliches/