Archibald Anderson

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From East Kilbride,
Supported the Accies
And he always tried
To see them at Douglas Park
But they are no more
To be found at this ground,
Since nineteen ninety-four.
Hamilton Academicals,
They now do play,
At New Douglas Park,
About a mile away.
So every time Archibald
Travels to the ground,
He discovers a supermarket
Is now to be found
Where the ground once was,
And his memory’s to blame,
As he always forgets this
Before the next game.
Due to his memory
He’s known far and wide
As, ‘Scatterbrained Archibald
From East Kilbride.’


From a Collection I am working on at the moment…

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Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/archibald-anderson/