B e n d I t L i k e C h e s e r

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 She plays with pace
She grits her teeth and chases back
She’ll run forever
She dominates the penalty box
She clears her lines
She catches the ball underneath the bar
She tips a shot round the post
She puts her body on the line
She traps and passes
She flies into the tackle
She plays with guile and finesse
She slides in like a guided missile
She comes out with the ball
She winds up for a long throw – “’scuse me mate”
She bends free kicks around the wall
She dribbles her way through flailing legs
She sends ‘em out fer a pie
She thunders down the wing
She hurdles the dog on the touchline
She carries the ball to the byline and crosses
She powers a header onto the bar
She turns in the box
She shoots
She scores


Dedicated to Sheffield Wednesday Ladies

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/b-e-n-d-i-t-l-i-k-e-c-h-e-s-e-r/