Best fans in the World?

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Click here for article/image: Japanese-supporters clean stadium after losing-2-1against Ivory Coast

Editor Note:
In a World Cup already sparkling on the pitch, a clean custom indeed to honour and applaud.

OK ~ people have to pay enough to be there, and it’s not our job, but looking at the mess/aftermath from the Big Screen showing of the England v Italy match here in the Sub Rooms, Stroud ( a town renowned for being ever-Green and primed on re-cycling) this really put it into context too. Having worked many years at festivals large and small, whenever I’m at a festival these days, surrounded by mess, people still look at me weirdly if I even pick up just a bit of the rubbish and put it in a bag. Nuff said.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/best-fans-in-the-world/