Burger Vans!

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 This one goes out to the Toon Fans,
Who religiously visit the burger Vans
Before taking their place in the away stand..
The ones that have a few cans but don’t abuse the booze, 
And just have a good time Win Draw…or Lose,
The ones that refuse to use the chairs,
But would prefer to dance with their shoes in the air on the stairs,
The fans that don’t care about cost…
Waiting for an autograph in the frost after their team just lost,
The young ball boy on the plastic seat,
No heat, can’t feel his feet…but is chuffed because he’s 4 feet away from Newcastle’s elite.
I love the mad supporters,
Who stand behind the T.V reporters
Doing their match review,
Singing and dancing around the sound crew,
Until they have to give up and say, “Ok, now back to you”
Respect to the lads that wave the flags, singing with passion,
“Come on the Mags!!”
Respect to the young generation that say a prayer
wishing for Silverware this year…
and when the Toon leaves then in despair…
they say it’s hard to bare, but will still pay the bus fare to get there.
There’s no question that our fans are the Best,
North, South, East or West,
We wear the Toon Crest on our Chest with Pride,
encouraging the players with every stride.
Now to be honest.. I haven’t got a big flame for the Game…
I wouldn’t stand watching in the pouring Rain, but for the ones that Do..
I think it’s a shame.. that recently, there’s no cup that bears our Name..
So that one goes to the fans that Keep the Dream Alive, 
Who week in week out help the Club, and the Team Survive!!



Paddy McCann 20, Dont know how to explain apart from…I love poetry 🙂

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/burger-vans/?shared=email&msg=fail